July 12, 2010


Woe is me, the world is unfair
I can’t seem to get a break

Nothing ever works out right
Nobody gives me a chance

Something always goes wrong
Everything turns out badly

I’m tired of never winning
It’s not enough just to play

I’m giving up and going home
I’m quitting the scene

Heading to a place where things make sense
Someplace where I’m not judged for failures

A place I knew so long ago
Back when I was young and free

Not playing this game anymore
And I'm never coming back, so adios!


  1. (I know, I know: It doesn't rhyme! So what?)

  2. Wow! That is a release of some much needed venting. Feel better?

  3. ah poetry does not have to rhyme...and if you find the place it all makes let me know...smiles.

  4. Oh, my. I think I know this person very well. I can't say this to her (she's an in-law, and you know how that goes), but I will say it to you, and then I'll feel better. "Pull up your big boy panties and get over it!"

  5. Poems have never had to rhyme, Eric. Anybody who frets over that sort of stuff isn't rightly looking at the poem itself, the meaning behind it or the essence of what makes it so...

    As to the content of the poem, well--I think we all feel this way sometimes. Sometimes we all just want to throw up our hands and call it quits. I call that time Finals and Midterms time, personally, but hey, each has their own...

  6. I wouldn't want it to rhyme - it wouldn't pack the same punch.

    I hope this isn't a reflection of how you feel, Eric.

  7. "A place I knew so long ago back when I was young and free..." and that place is... Pure Michigan! lol IMHO your last three One Shots have stood out. Great writing, Bubba

  8. It is a game ONLY if you enjoy it.. If you don't, it's just another rotten part of life (to be dealt with!)

    Nicely written, Eric!! Flurry of emotions here...
    Good luck with the walk-out!! :)

  9. I've had those days too. Where nothing seems to rhyme. It's a bitch.

  10. No Adios are to gracious and kind...I do not care if it rhymes...write on...blessings...bkm

  11. This is so much fun! I just love excuses!

  12. Depressing, effective, reminds me of an ex-friend who committed suicide. Good work.

  13. I wrote this one awhile ago and, just so everybody knows, this is NOT how I feel at all.

    (My condolences to anybody who hoped I was leaving - LOL!)

    It was actually inspired by the whiny attitude of someone else. I just extrapolated it into a rant and it seemed to work out.

  14. Screw Rhyming Eric..this one is GOOD..:)) poetry is never to be with rules of any kind..its the soul of art..has to be this free..:)
    i am just not a quitter..normally,i keep trying..:)
    I like the content here tho..:)
    P.S glad you are not leaving too! :)

  15. who said poetry had to rhyme??? LoL... spilling your emotion/thought onto paper is what i call poetry! ;> this one made me giggle btw... whenever i wana 'leave', i just flip back into my mind... the voices know me there. ;)

  16. I should have read this last night. I would have had a good laugh on myself. I was feeling pretty whiny. Finally went to bed and woke with a whole new attitude and I say "Good On You" thanks for posting. :)

  17. now that's good to pour out our heart into poetry...even if it does not rhyme...fits with life...doesn't seem to rhyme so often

  18. There are all kinds of poetry Eric, your poem is `Free Verse` It is good to vent sometimes,even if it is about someone else's whinny whims. One can deal with life or make excuses for it, I myself approach it with a sledgehammer, always ready lol. Nice one.


  19. the thing is i wish i could write without the rhyme....poetry is an expression and you expressed this well.....and as for reading are a true star....thanks ever so much for the support you have given to so many poets...all the best pete

  20. Eric i think you are awesome....glad this is not how you are feeling right now....but i love the way you can put humor into it anyway! :-)

  21. lol a politer way to tease than most would pick ;-) nothing like holding a mirror to some one to make them see ;-)

  22. you are the funniest poet I know. Thanks for being you!

  23. Very soft and emotional.. I enjoyed it Eric. Thanks for sharing...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

  24. Great work here man. Everyone needs to vent like this sometimes and act like a child who's dropped all his sweets. I particularly enjoyed it's ranting pitch.

  25. Poems doesn't have to rhyme...I know someone said that.So let's believe him.

    Haivng fun while writing is important.I know there are rules in writing,but sometimes it's fun to throw rules out the window!

    Btw,was here two days ago.Saw the post date and thought i made a mistake.SORRY!


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