July 12, 2010

Some Hearts

Some hearts burn
With passion bright
Some hearts glow
In pale moonlight

Some hearts melt
Like frost in the sun
Some hearts beat
Together as one

Some hearts race
When excited with fear
Some hearts pound
When their lover is near

Some hearts lust
For bodily thrills
Some hearts ache
When new love chills

Some hearts break
And their beating ceases
Some hearts smash
Into a thousand pieces



  1. perfect rhyme and rhythms,

    a thoughtful way to look at hearts...
    your work is whole in many ways.
    beautiful love poetry.
    super special and delicious.

  2. Some hearts like mine just adore this poem! Mere literary perfection!

  3. Beautiful and sad. Your delicate bleeding heart picture is perfect for this piece!

  4. cute...
    My heart rejoices after reading this... :)

  5. Love the bleeding heart shot, Eric. And really enjoyed the poem. It's true - hearts do a lot, don't they?


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