July 14, 2010

People Are Sleeping

Somewhere along the way
we traded green fields and mountain days
for shopping malls and blue jean esthetics

Now everyone’s connected
communicating at light-speed
But nobody’s really saying anything

A wealth of information readily available
yet few know what it means
and nobody seems to care

We think we’re so alive
in tune and in touch with our world
But the truth is people are sleeping


  1. Sleeping in a cave?
    Great observation Eric....G

  2. I was inspired by the growing epidemic of people who are absolutely incapable of putting down their little electronic gadgets for even a second, regardless of whatever else it is they're doing (or trying to do), like driving.

  3. "Wait a minute, let me put you on hold while I comment on Eric's blog and upload these new photos to my FAcebook and tweet what I just did." "What do you mean I'm a Narcissist?"

  4. Narcissism, narcolepsy... what's the difference?

    I do most of my posting from work, but at least I'm getting paid for my multi-tasking.


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