July 13, 2010

Headlines And Bylines


Headlines and bylines
bolded news items online
screaming scandalous stories
broadcasting urgent demands

Secretly spinning doctors
decanting ancient rhymes
of the old, arcane magics
recasting long-forgotten spells

Unspoken orations chanted
loudly unseen, glowingly unheard
behind fresh talking heads
of the incessantly-streaming main

Resurging the inescapable fears
that tickle at the base nerve
of our collective unconscious
for dependable, involuntary response

And once the waves have swelled and ebbed
the necromancers return to their dark caves
to lurk in silence, awaiting the next full moon
when they’ll once again steer our course



  1. what a sweet entry,
    you truly a gentleman who would never disappoint your friend.
    we love your poetry,
    we value your active and effective participation.have fun!

  2. stunning imagery,
    beautiful word flow...

  3. I enjoyed this piece of poetic stirring words. It's fun to see how others use their craft of words. Nicely wielded pen here.

  4. This is a wonderful poem Eric, perfect for Potluck's theme and am so happy to see you linked. Your talent always shines and you have used amazing phrases and word flow in this well penned poem. Much love my friend xx

  5. Welcome, Eric!
    you make our poetry potluck more special.

  6. Who are the real spin doctors? An interesting write!

    My Pot Luck poem is here: Enjoy!

  7. This is a really imaginative and creative poem! I love the ending with the necromancers.... waiting...

    Well done!

  8. How wonderful! I just love the tale you weave in this poem.

  9. Oh, those spin doctors are clever, aren't they? I really enjoyed this poem, Eric!

    Greetings, friend!!
    It is Monday, I sincerely invite you to join us for a Monday Poetry Potluck party, bring in 1 to 3 poem treats to share, and have fun tasting other poets treats.
    You will have 60 hours enjoying the fun.
    Hurry up, the more you share, the happier we are.
    Hope to see you in our party, hurry up, the earlier you are in, the more traffic you get...
    to link in, click on the link via this comment, then look at the blue link button at the end of the post, click on the button, have your poem link copy and pasted in the first box, then enter your name, at last your email address...let us know if you need help by leaving a comment under the same post...

  11. Very clever write.. some imagination-

    Here's mine:

    All the Best

  12. Oof, now there's a scathing critique! Particularly enjoyed the
    "the necromancers return to their dark caves
    to lurk in silence, awaiting the next full moon
    when they’ll once again steer our course"
    Very creative, with a powerful message and equally powerful imagery. Very well done!


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