July 19, 2010

I Write Like

I've seen this "I Write Like" thing pop up on a few people's blogs, so I decided I'd give it a go.  However, being rather skeptical of anything 'analytical' - especially online - I decided I'd submit not one but TEN random samples of my writing, just to see what happened.  Here are the results:

I wrote like:
Dan Brown (once)
James Fenimore Cooper (once)
James Joyce (thrice)
Stephen King (thrice)
David Foster Wallace (twice)

I don't know if I see these results as being accurate.  I will, however, give the application points for consistency, since I tried submitting the same work three times and received the same diagnosis each time.  Regardless, it's fun to see what pops up.


  1. As far as I'm concerned that whole "I write like" concept belongs on Facebook and it appears you just proved that...Dan Fenimore James King Wallace. ;-)

  2. This thing is, all of a sudden, EVERYWHERE...gone completely viral. I have played with it quite a bit myself. It's good fun (unless it tells you that you write like Stephenie Meyer, lol!), but I don't think that we can take it too seriously. :)

  3. PS - thanks for your very kind (and bang-on!) comment on my blog post today. :)

  4. awesome list,
    have fun writing!

  5. i had to take it another bunch of times other than what i posted and the most common repeat result for me was cory doctorow, who had i had to look up to even know who he was!


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