June 4, 2010

Sir Real


Yellow elephants, blue giraffes, orange crocodiles

A sedan – a sedan with a single seat - a sedan with a single seat for seven

The constant low hum of another dimension that nobody hears but everyone (unknowingly) feels

People walk by a busy street on impossibly-tiny tippy-toes

A chair you can touch, pick up, move, even kick, but cannot sit on

Blue sky crashing to earth, revealing all the blackness of space behind it

Incoherent whispering heard in an empty room

A fresh apple that, once cut open, smells like death

A square puzzle with all round pieces

Twelve disciples of a Messiah who disavows anyone having disciples

Traveling through time to a future yesterday



  1. wild imaginations,
    lovely poem!

  2. I felt like I flashed thru the Bible on that one

    I'm at (for the 55 the 160 and the 100 yard dash)


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