June 4, 2010



Tired of long, boring Sunday sermons?

Try McSavior, the quick and easy drive-through church for people on the go!

Who’s got time for those long lines at the confessional?

At McSavior you’ll be absolved of sin and on your way in no time!

McSavior!  Saving souls and saving time!



  1. Does God email? Or text? Or have a Facebook page? Hmmmmm, just wondering...

    How about drive through funerals? Yes, Virginia, there is (at least) one here in the South. A funeral home purchased a former bank building and kept the drive-thru window. You can give your loved one a final adios and never leave your truck. Ahem. LOL! You make me laugh. I'm off to read some of your past stuff.

  2. I saw that drive-thru funeral place on TV once... they'd probably do a bang-up business in New Jersey. (Or maybe not, since they aren't looking to get any dead bodies noticed)


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