June 28, 2010

Mi Amigo


My friend and I
a certain aesthetic

Not spoken aloud

A certain frequency
Not the same, but in tune

Blending together

Alike, yet individiual
and each is more
from the other’s vibe



  1. Great poem, Eric. Love your duck photo. I saw a bumper sticker yesterday here in redneck heaven that had a duck on it and the words: "If it flies, it dies." I had to laugh because one of my sons-in-law is a duck hunter, but he eats everything he kills. Blessings!

  2. Reminds me of a line I remember from the 1981 werewolf movie, The Howling: "You kill something you don't eat it, now that's a sin."

    The line was creepy (but memorable) because the character who said it was a werewolf.


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