June 11, 2010

Consider The Flower

Consider the flower...

The flower sprouts and grows

Digs roots down deep

Reaches out for the sun

It doesn’t worry

It doesn’t rejoice

It doesn’t love

It doesn’t hate

It just lives

It just is

Its only desire

If it can be called that

Is to live

To soak up sunshine

To absorb water

To grow and reproduce

It doesn’t yearn for more

Doesn’t question its worth

Never pious or rude

Nor bitter about a dry spell

It just wants to be

To have what it needs

And nothing more

The flower doesn’t strive

To achieve greatness

Yet it does...




... Greatness.

We can learn much from the flower.



  1. Hi Eric! I thought it was about time I paid you a visit - and what do I see but that beautiful Morning Glory flower - one of my favourites. Thanks for visiting. I agree about the flower and your poem - I think one of the most admirable things about flowering plants is that they rarely give up. In adversity they seed like mad and they struggle to survive. Shall pop in and see you again. Do call on me again. Best wishes.

  2. Thanks for visiting! I'm sure we'll run into each other in the future on the Poetry Bus. :)

  3. Hell, yeah! Let's hear it for the flowers. Even though I have a serious case of 'book madness' I agree with what the mighty Walt Whitman said: "A Morning Glory at my window satisfies me more than the metaphysics of books."

    Also Emerson: "Earth laughs in flowers."

  4. My husband and I just took tons of photos of tropical flowers while on our vacation in Belize. Nicely timed, reading this.

  5. agree with your interpretation of the flower...
    beautiful words.

  6. Thanks for all those pennies, everyone! :)

  7. Very inspiring!

    I featured one of your pictures at! :)


  8. Cool! I've decided to start posting photos more often; maybe even a weekly 'photos-only' post.

  9. Did I miss you off my links Eric. If so I do apologise - I did visit your poem (see my comment above) but was taken into hospital and had to get my son to do the links. Hope you continue to be on the bus. I am driving it again in a couple of weeks, so see you then.

  10. No worries. I'm still learning how to join in the fun with groups and such.

  11. Bubba~ This is ideal! Thank you for sharing the link with me. You and I were definitely on the same track with our respective pieces.

  12. A lovely message ~ Thanks for the link ~


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