June 15, 2010

Acrostic Challenge

Teens were bored with American music.
Haley’s Comet had burned out.
Elvis was getting old.

But in 1964
Everything changed.
America was overtaken by
The British Invasion.
Luckily their weapon was music.
England won us back and
Surrendering was never so much fun!


  1. well done, Eric.!
    love it.
    I am very new to acrostic...
    You see I did a Magpie Tales meme based on the picture prompt and I chose to do it the acrostic ways.
    I am trying to practice my acrostic , would you like to join...I will give you the link...


  2. My magpie acrostic is a bit more vague; you may have to look it up for it to make any sense.


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