February 24, 2014

Random Tweets of Mine (

Music is the best description I’ve ever heard of a soul.
To know how much music matters, try to imagine life without it.
The Creationist argument reminds me of when a kid asks the parent, “Why?” and the parent replies, “Because I SAY do, THAT’s why!”

Michigan is where God high-fived the Earth.
Though the sand may pass from top to bottom, it remains within the hourglass.
Anon-Hate: For when you’ve got no game, yet still lack the self-respect and good manners to say nothing at all
Ironically, nothing is timeless except time.
Going with the flow doesn’t mean you can’t still make a big splash.
You put the SUPER in “superficial”
The glass is always full - full of water, air, or whatever’s in there.
(Unless the glass is in the vacuum of space. Then all bets are off)
There’s nothing I couldn’t accomplish if I had enough money and enough time… but mostly enough time.
WHAT you are is not WHO you are. WHAT is just one thing. There are many WHATs that make you YOU. You are not a WHAT. You are a WHO.
Often the only reason people are not happy is that they’re choosing to be otherwise.
Unfortunately, life does not come with an instruction manual.
Peace > Pride
Sails - Wind = FAIL
Every day is a new ‘normal’
The past can be an anchor; let go of that chain and sail forward.
Life is a serious game; be sure to play it well.

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