January 8, 2014


A scattered dream
I was there
In a warehouse of many things
The boss man had a mass-production mold
To stamp-out expensive red sports cars

But I had to leave
Dodging carts full of various goods
Pushed by part-time workers
From Pakistan and India

I crossed the street
And approached a church
I saw an old woman, plainly dressed
Pleading to another woman
Dressed as a proper Plymouth pilgrim
A shotgun resting in her left elbow crook
She replied to the old woman grimly,
“I ain’t got no rights”

Then she turned away
From the old woman
To set fire to a large container
Of aluminum sulfide
Bright flames erupted
And I hurried away
From the toxic smoke billowing forth

Background people all around
Were running to and fro
Acting quite strangely
In some apparent panic
The cause of which was unclear

Then I turned my gaze skyward
And there, through a hole in the clouds
I saw huge blue spaceships
Hovering menacingly above
Waiting to take over the Earth

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