January 22, 2014

Heal The Heart

First-blush emotion
First-thought notion
Are never what’s best
When put to the test
By new commotion

Just anger and fear
Changing what we hear
What we think is right
Saying if we’ll fight
They will disappear

This righteous defense
Just seems to make sense
Fight back against pain
But what do we gain
When we hop that fence?

By playing that game
Reviling in shame
Hurting another
Hating our brother
Makes us just the same

Although it may seem
To boost our esteem
Our pride makes us miss
What’s simple as this:
We’ve just joined their team

A world filled with hate
Puts woes on our plate
And hurt in our bowls
Not food for our souls
But it’s not too late

Put aside the rage
Let the mind engage
Let the heart detect
Weigh cause and effect
Of the wars we’d wage

Ponder for awhile
Find what makes you smile
Forget all the rest
Forgiveness is best
Go that extra mile

Go back to the start
To play a new part
To get what we give
To learn how to live
We first heal the heart

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