January 28, 2014

Carwash Jesus

I met my savior today
As I drove my old car
Filthy and unclean
Into the local car wash

He appeared suddenly at my side
In pale blue cover-alls
His majestic long hair flowing
His beard dark and curling
And His “Jesus” name-tag

He showed me the way
Got me lined-up straight
I tithed my ten dollars
And He went to work

I was slowly immersed
In bright foamy suds
Brushes reaching each crevice
Finding every speck of dirt

The gentle clothes rotated
And undulated over me until
Every spot was washed away
Then cleansing waters flowed

The curtains slowly parted
And I emerged to bright light
Strong winds buffeted me
Exposing a new, warm sheen

Jesus reappeared before me
To gently, lovingly wipe away
The last drops of holy water
And bless me with a smile

I drove off feeling renewed
Air freshener swinging low
In my sweet chariot
Coming for to carry me home

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