December 11, 2013

From My Tweetdom (BuddhaRocks/Twitter)

Today is always the right time, because tomorrow never comes.

Sometimes the best answer is the one that fits the most questions.

We need to learn to accept things (and people!) for what they are, rather than worrying about what we should label them.

If they can keep you confused, they can keep you controlled.

Everything is perfect from the right perspective.

Always be yourself.  When the wind stops blowing, it’s no longer wind.

The best revenge is learning not to want revenge.

Imagine how much easier
These holidays would be
If I spent my time and money
On presents just for me!

Strange how upset people get about government surveillance while, at the same time, voluntarily Lo-Jack themselves with electronic gadgets.

Spring carries the warmth of love that winter cannot extinguish.

Love is a choice, but it’s usually the right one.

Love is drawn from an endless well, and thus never needs to be rationed.

Love obeys no time-tables nor requires some ideal condition.  It just happens.

Listening to music is the closest I get to believing in God.

The only way to truly be free is to abandon society entirely and go live off the land, alone.

The great thing about heroes is that everybody has the potential to be one.

Each season is a part of nature, each one with its own wonders.

It takes a bit of friction to properly polish things.

I never worry what people say if I don't like something popular, because I know they won't remember it a week from now.

That’s just the nature of love; it changes us inside.

'Tis an easy thing to write a poem
Words work for those that know 'em
What's tricky is to make your point
And not get the rhythm disjoint-ed

The best part of love is believing in it.

Don't let another suffer when you can start them on the path of healing.

Wealth is having all you need.  Being rich is having all you want.

Q: What does a a vicious ghost dog say?
A: Boo-grrr!

Your nose issue
Needs a tissue
It snot funny
Just real runny
From your nose
To your clothes
A sticky sheen
Of sickly green

Funny how people want their technology to be portable, but most of them don't go anywhere once they've got it.

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