October 29, 2013

Halloween Countdown Day 29: The Horla

The Horla

The Horla spread chaos
Wickedness, destruction
Drive their hosts to it
And then moving on

These unspeakable things
Take possession of their host
Turning even the best of men
Into instruments of evil

The kindest, most loving soul
Can fall victim to the Horla
Suddenly turning to hatred
Or even murderous deeds

Perhaps forgotten memories
Become suddenly unlocked
Deep within the man’s mind
Coming forth to haunt him

The Horla trick the man
Make him blame himself
Give rise to hidden doubts
Encourage uncertainty

The terror overcomes him
Fear of approaching madness
Shakes him to his very core
Where he knows not himself

Their crimes committed,
The Horla take their leave
And leave the man behind
To face the consequences

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