June 18, 2013

From My Tweetdom


People don't make life difficult.  Life makes people difficult.

"T-Rex" High-Five: Two people tuck in their elbows, lean forward until they're butting heads, then flail their too-short forearms around.

Wear your crazy like a jersey
Support your team with pride
Show the world a new way to see
'Cause you'e got nothing to hide

The ones who roar the loudest are usually the most scared.

Life just keeps on changing. There are cyclical changes and there are linear changes. They combine to make each 'now' a unique event.

Life's too serious to be taken too seriously.

What's truly 'weird' is that everybody is weird, so weird IS normal.  It's 'normal' that's the facade.

I'm going to worry less about continually striving to be a better person, because some days you just get tired of always walking uphill.

The first one to make the choice usually wins.

Perhaps, when we die, we wake up in some familiar someplace else and realize that this life was but a dream.

If you can't reach them, you can't teach them.
If they can’t reach you, they can’t teach you.

I never make misteaks.

Love is like a cake.  Common interests are the cake.  Differences are the frosting.

Faith is the logical equivalent of crossing your fingers.

The people most outraged about the NSA snooping are the same ones who
mistakenly assumed we had any real privacy in the first place.

The obvious response to NSA snooping is for everybody to keep a closer eye on
government and those who help them do it.

NSA = No Secrets Anymore  (Unless you’re the government, of course!)

When in doubt, err on the side of liberty.

Life is too short.  By the time you’ve got it all figured out, you’re too old to do anything about it!

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