April 18, 2013

Meet Me On The Corner

Meet me on the corner
We’ll go down to the creek
Wade in our Chuck Taylors
And catch crayfish and frogs

Then we’ll go down the street
To that old, empty house
We’ll  throw a few rocks and
Try to break another window

We’ll see some other kids
From the next neighborhood
The ones that we don’t like
Call them names and run

Later we’ll get out our bikes
Race each other fast and see
Who makes the longest skid-mark
And then jump some curbs

Then we’ll ride our bikes far
Past where we’re allowed to go
But, of course, not too far, so
We can still find our way home


  1. You just took me back to my childhood. Thanks!

  2. You're very welcome, Teri!

    It's been awhile - how's the painting?

  3. So nice. You know I love me my Chuck Taylors and I grew up on a creek, catching frogs and kicking up waves. Kick the can all summer evening long. Those were the good old days.


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