April 8, 2013

In Passing

Where does life go
When the wind blows
In-between thoughts
And dreams

Is it breathed out
In daily exhales
The things we do
As life rolls along

Does it matter
All the din and clatter
Of what happens
In-between dreams

Do thoughts and deeds
When fate intercedes
Change who we are

Are these worldly things
Worth the woes they bring
Through work and acquisition
Or conflicted inheritance

Where does time go
When wild brambles grow
And we float carefree
In summer’s sun

Why do sudden storms
Steal our warmth
And come unbidden
To wash us away

Where do twists and turns
Tie-up as we learn
Navigation is not just
A sea-faring game

Why do we fade away
In those final days
Retreating, receding
Shying from that end

Who is left behind us
To sweep up the dust
To discard unimportant things
Our saved memories

1 comment:

  1. That was very beautiful and I"m in a super down mood today and it seemed to reflect my melancholy. Funny how we read these things when we need to hear them. Well done. It was very poignant.


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