March 19, 2013

Shedding Dexter

I'm re-posting this in honor of our dog, Dexter, who had to be put down yesterday because of pancreatic cancer.  He was a rescued dog and he had a good home with us.  We'll miss you, Dexter.

I have a dog, Dexter, he sheds all the time
So much so, in fact, he inspired this rhyme

I find his white hair in each place that I look
On clothing, on furniture, in every book

It wafts up in clumps, under tables, in corners
Like fluffy seeds blown by summertime mourners

When I get dressed, there’d be nothing better
Than not finding his fur all over my sweater

Dexter’s no bad dog, and he means no harm
But sometimes it feels like I live on a farm

Some day he will be gone, and I will despair
And I will miss Dexter... but not all of that hair!

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