March 22, 2013

Dapper Spats

A walking cane
A suit from Spain
The finest money can afford

A silken hat
And dapper spats
A gentleman of fine accord

Elegant style
Confident smile
He’s a real eye-catcher

It’s obvious that
Such dapper spats
Belong to a man of stature

Walking London town
Streets leading down
He steps into the dark

Through back alleyways
A dank, narrow maze
Come to leave his mark

He stalks his prey
Willingly, they
Follow him up the lane

He is never rude
Though his plans include
The sword within his cane

Smooth and steady
Poised and ready
Keeping things well out of sight

A sudden gleam
A muffled scream
One less lady of the night

A thrill so divine
Like the finest wine
Poured from oaken vats

Nothing else matters
As red glory splatters
Onto his dapper spats


  1. Wow--I love it! Very nice twist.

  2. Love the twisty stuff. And you got me, because it started out with the gentleman being so apparently benign, proving the old "book by its cover" adage. Nicely done!


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