February 12, 2013

Tuesday Tweetdom

(Miscellaneous debris from my Twitter account) 

  • I like nothing to disturb my thoughts - unless I’m having disturbing thoughts.

  • Not giving a damn is like being cool; if you have to proclaim it, it’s not true.

  • Men in power are unlikely to endorse any proposed change that could slow, stop or decrease the growth of that power.

  • With the right attitude, possibilities become probabilities.

  • Nobody ever changed the world by being ‘normal’ and playing by the rules.

  • Reciprocation is the key to happiness.

  • I'm fine with people smoking in public as long as they wear a space helmet so nobody else is subjected to it unwillingly.

  • Why do we call it a "High-FIVE" when there are clearly TEN fingers involved?

  • Art makes life NOT suck.

  • A door ajar: Adore a jar

  • Star Trek-themed workout center: Damn it, Gym!

  • A kind word costs nothing to give, but can be priceless to receive.

  • The human condition is far too diverse and complex for any rule to apply always.

  • Count your days, count your friends, count your blessings... not your money.

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