February 19, 2013

The Way Of The Self

I’ve started a religion
A religion of The Self
All those other testaments
Should be put on the shelf

No more silly praying
To some shrouded higher being
No more senseless sacrifice
To gods we are not seeing

The Way of The Self is self-contained
It does not need promotion
It flows within, through thick and thin
Like waters in the ocean

But knowing of The Self, indeed
Is not some selfish thing
For that is where your love comes from
Like waters from a spring

We do not have commandments
We have no holy laws
We simply embrace everyone
Despite their many flaws

We don’t demand your loyalty
We do not need your money
We do not charge admission
To lands of milk and honey

We don’t condone dependence
We promote self-reliance
No overlords or council boards
We put our faith in science

Care for yourself and mind your health
You want life to be good
We don’t care what you eat or drink
Just do things that you should

We do not care what clothes you wear
We don’t demand donations
We do not hate our brothers
Who come from other nations

We do not care what makes a pair
Be they husbands or wives
You can have more, if you dare
We don’t control your lives

So sing a song, and smile and dance
Arrange all your ducks neatly
For who knows where we go from here?
Just love your life completely

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  1. But how can it be a religion without guilt?! Just kidding. I like the sound of this. :P


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