February 8, 2013


The drive to work was perilous
People drive so ridiculous
Swerving over unsteady lanes
Risking for questionable gains

A line of cars that passed the plow
Are stuck behind a salt truck now
Back home my son stayed home from school
I wish work had that snow day rule

So we roll slowly to our jobs
The curse of being working slobs
Arrive at last with slush on chrome
To find the boss has stayed at home


  1. Damn boss! That is one thing we don't have to worry about here (PHX)....snow.

  2. That sucks, and that everyone stayed home too ~ Got the winter blast here too ~

  3. LOL! That really stinks, but it is funny to read. If it makes you feel any better, my boss worked from home today just because there was a decent chance of rain. It sprinkled for about an hour this morning. Stay safe in that snow!


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