February 22, 2013

Middle Finger

So you don’t give a fuck, huh?

Flipping off everybody and everything, a big “Fuck you!” to the world, two middle fingers waving high in the air.

Such a show of defiance, such a rebellious broadcast. So much effort to prove that nothing matters to you, that you’re self-sufficient and don’t need anybody or anything.

It’s the most important thing you do - the one thing that you constantly reinforce - making sure everybody knows just how little you care.

Obviously you care very much about maintaining that illusion.  Otherwise you wouldn’t be trying so hard to convince everybody that you don’t.

So, obviously you do give a fuck.


  1. WOW!! Hey!!
    all right!!
    you are right
    love that finger in the middle to fuck it all

  2. I care
    but then
    I don't
    no matter how much you or I
    give a f***


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