January 16, 2013

We All Are History

Sometimes I ponder What-Ifs
Considering each possibility
All the alternate paths
Life might have taken me

What things might have been?
Would I have sailed the sea?
Died on some far-off shore
Fighting for king and country?

What great feat of daring-do
Might I have designed?
Adventure in distant lands
Thrill my heart and mind

Quest for treasure on a map
Some deep mystery to unwind
A love affair with passions hot
Who knows what I might find?

Not that I’m complaining
About what I have seen
Nor the person I am now
That’s not quite what I mean

It’s just that when I read
Of Ireland’s fields so green
Or great battles won or lost
I get lost in each scene

But I am just a common man
With no sway over time or tide
We all have our parts to play
And all should take some pride

For every story that we read
In histories far and wide
Was lived and wrote by common folk
And that can’t be denied

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