December 14, 2012

Where’s The Snow? (55)

Where’s the snow?
I wanna know
This is highly

Here there is no
Michigan snow
By now it should
Cover my car

Up north, I know
There’s lots of snow
But down here it’s
Dry as a bone

No white to show
Still grass to mow
But still cold as
An ice cream cone

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  1. The weather's gone completely bonkers, I think. We broke three or four record highs last month, temps in the seventies, almost 80...yeesh. I agree, if you've got the freeze, you might as well have the snow to make it pretty.(Tho I'd rather mow than shovel, personally.)

  2. Ice cream cones are more fun. Isn't it weird the way we look for something like snow when it is expected even though we grumble about it when it's there?

  3. Yes. I'm in MI, too.
    Bright sunshine, 41 degrees.
    Heat pouring in my
    South-facing glass front door.

    As I look out, I swear
    My grass is growing.


  4. i heard there might be snow on christmas here...i am holding out hope...i wanna make snow ice cream....yum.....

  5. Lack of snow was OK last year.
    But with the water levels down, and the snow plow biz in trouble, and 4x4 pick ups overflowing the car lots...
    Bring it on Baby!!
    Loved your white-less 55 Eric
    Thanks for playing, thanks for visiting and commenting on so many posts today, I really appreciate the help.
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End

  6. I'm really hoping a lack of snow up your way doesn't mean another one of those winters where Virginia gets buried.

  7. Great poem! love your ending- thanks

  8. still mowing grass? wow. No snow here either, but everything is dormant.

  9. I got to go see the snow for a week. I just got back. It was lovely. I would hate to endure all that cold for no snow. Hope you have a white Christmas! Happy Holidays!


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