December 31, 2012


No matter what
Our machinations,
Our time gets eaten up

Seconds seep, lost in thought
In sickness or sorrow
Whole chunks disappear

Youthful hourglasses
Half-full of sand
And half-empty later days

Happiness and joy
Draw deep from our reserve,
Swallowing our time in quick, greedy gulps

Day-to-day routines
Ever-consuming regular bites
… And much sleep


  1. So true that often whole chunks of time disappear, and we have no idea at all where they went. And so true, sleep eats it it up too, which is both a necessity AND a waste (I think).

  2. Yes, there are far too many 'Ever-consuming regular bites..." and we should take time to just hold the glass a while before we partake!

  3. Yes, eaten, used, spent! Well put--ground down, we are, to the finest grains. Yet the words and fears of loss--not of health, content, and investment--haunt our perceptions of living. It took more than half of my life to learn what cats already knew about napping.

  4. Absolutely! every word taken...time flies and at each stage it is different yet the same in substance

  5. You are right, Eric, 'no matter what' time gets eaten up, for all sorts of reasons. Some seem more legitimate than others.

  6. Well-penned. Time is indeed something we can't store... it flies away just like that.

  7. This poem says exactly what I feel these days.....time is FLYING past, me running along behind, impossible to catch my breath. Sigh. Well done, kiddo!

    1. Thanks for reading, Sherry... and thanks for referring to me as "kiddo" too! :)

  8. Wow Eric. I love the title and the sense of life being ground with each pass of the stone.

  9. there is no stopping time or trying to recoup...shall we move along... I really enjoyed the way you brought the ordinary to the surface...

  10. So true... I especially like the fourth stanza.

  11. we all can relate to this......nice thoughts :)

  12. Yes..time is lost so easily..and you can never get it back..eloquently put..

  13. Maybe we should sleep a little less? Or write more to feel like we actually do more?


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