November 20, 2012

Swept Away

Technology’s supposed to save lots of time
But what it really does is just waste it
We spend hours waiting for content online
So that we can just cut and paste it

We Facebook and Twitter all night and day
Expounding our every thought and whim
A torrent of words, yet with so little to say
The tide coming so fast we can barely swim

Click-click- refresh, update and hit “Send”
E-mail, text, instant message sent ‘round
Will this constant barrage ever end?
Maybe not ‘til we’re six feet underground


  1. I want to be only four feet under the ground--so maybe I can still hear my DROID go "tweet-tweet"
    (Guess I know what you are writing about here?)

  2. Hear hear! I think I should power down and go for a walk by the sea... that will recharge me! :)


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