October 9, 2012

October Sounds

Growing colder as we lose our blanket of leaves
The wind sifts and drifts through Nature’s eaves
Carrying away each leaf that’s ready to go
Often some others that are not, though

Falling leaves tick-tick through branches brown
Most making their way to the cold ground
Intermingling with other leaves in ways
Impossible back in their greener days

Barren branches click-clack together
As Lady Breeze begins to blow harder
Angered there are no soft leaves for pushin’
Leaving her an evergreen pin-cushion

On the thirty-first, kids dress in sheets
Hoping to fill up their bags with sweets
Scooting door to door, calling out, “Trick or treat!”
Shuffle-crunch-shushing leaves under their feet

The wooden hay-wagon wheels clunk to a stop
As the team of horses halt their clippity-clop
The driver holds the reins as people climb down
To sip some hot cider, mulled spicy and  brown

Warm cinnamon doughnuts they quickly consume
Then climb back aboard so their ride can resume
A shake of the reins slaps at haunches, strong and grey
With a snort and a whinny, they lurch back on their way

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  1. i would love to take a trip on the horse drawn wagon....a hay ride! and warm the heart from that wind...i love this time of year....

  2. There is a completely different soundtrack to autumn. To all seasons. Brings Vivaldi to mind. And a different set of scents and sights. I cannot fathom living where the climate was one Hawaii. I so love the change.


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