September 4, 2012


Silence is there
A world between words
Hanging in air

A pause

A breath

A resting place
Flowing to slowing
Sudden snail’s pace



World closes in
Until flowing words
Begin again

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  1. i love those moments of silence...worlds between words...a resting place..true that... also cool when the words flow again..

  2. Love this! Wonderful read out loud, flawless in its rhythm...and the final stanza...they will always start again...they're the one thing they can't take from us...even if we speak them only in our minds.

  3. This poem makes me feel restful and rested as I breathe in, breathe out. Nice, Eric.

  4. fill the blank space...sometimes that pause is not a bad thing, a breathe until they rush back in once more...

  5. Having lived most of my life where the wind blows long and hard as a politician, I appreciate the silence and the calm, when words eddy up and can be heard. This is a very serene-feeling poem.

  6. Many years ago i had a friend in the Ozark foothills, very remote area, who spoke with a deep drawl and extremely s-l-o-w-l-y..... I used to say the next word for him to get things moving along. It irritated him without end. I'm certain he didn't see it as a "world between words" but I certainly did! Cute poem!

  7. Silence scares so many people, which is why they have to fill it with noise.

    This is beautifully written - I especially liked flowing to slowing and the world between words.

  8. Love your description of silence! I have always appreciated it, but this makes it sound even more lovely!! :)


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