September 13, 2012

Same Old Same (55)

Don’t bother to read the paper or watch the news

Because every day is very much the same

Someone died and some people cried

Others sought only fortune and fame

Allegations were denied, some people lied

Businesses floundered, politicians cheated

The usual scandals of the who’s whos

Which tomorrow, of course, will all be repeated

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  1. I feel EXACTLY the same Eric...
    Loved your poetic story.
    Fantastic 55 My Friend
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  2. And...this is already old news... LOL

  3. aaah well! That's how it is, isn't it now??

    Weekend hugs xoxo

  4. Sorry to say it is true! Some of our lives revolve around and around
    too! thanks.

  5. Ouch, the reality bites! Great realistic 55! Just to say, the Royals are here in Malaysia so our news are a wee bit more different for a few days. You know how they will write about an event for weeks after it ends. LOL Mine is here
    Have you an AWESOME WEEKEND!

  6. Wash, rinse, repeat.Wash, rinse, repeat.Wash, rinse, repeat.Wash, rinse, repeat. Kill your TV!

  7. So easy to fall into the trap of cynicism and apathy, the enemies of democracy. Too many turn to so-called reality tv and immerse themselves in the lives of celebrities, who don't give a damn about them. What's a citizen to do?

  8. absolutely right! We can be gone out of town for a few weeks - come home- open the paper and the news is the same....bleah! It's like a soap opera!


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