September 18, 2012


Batten down the hatches, boys
And get ready for the storm
Make sure there’s food and water
And a way to keep you warm

The world is going crazy
One person at a time
The pace has been increasing
Each day another crime

The ball just keeps on rolling
And will until it’s done
It’s best to ride the storm out
And wait to see the sun

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  1. the pace has been increasing...i agree...sometimes i wonder how we can find a bit of solitude in that ever lasting race..

  2. As someone balancing on this crazy ball--loved this.

  3. Yes indeed, it is getting crazier by the hour!

  4. As if there is another choice... you make it clear that fear will help no one. And I agree.

  5. Gorgeous words! I a always try to just keep riding the wave of life. :)

    I'm sharing an old poem today at D'Verse on laughter therapy.

  6. ha...we will see...i think it might just spin out of control soon enough honestly...there has to be a breaking point to our madness....

  7. Eric, you are right...craziness is everywhere. But truly the sun DOES continue to shine; and I try to remain hopeful

  8. Like the rhyme and beat in this one. It parallels what I've been thinking, because I feel like the world is becoming a crazier place all the time with all the fights starting everywhere. Just gotta wait it out and hope for the best, I guess.

  9. Love the rhythm, the rhyme, and the message. Would love to see you continue on with this poem. This could really be something big and special.

  10. Your last two lines are priceless. If only everyone did that!

  11. ...reminds me the year of 2000. :)

  12. Tight, concise, and right. So, true, Eric. Love the end-rhymes too. One other thing, the shortness of it works.

  13. Eric, this hit home for me in many ways. I live in Mexico and I am watching the political craziness of the US. I wonder when will things explode completely, I agree the concise nature of this makes it all the more powerful.


  14. I love the pace and rhythm of this poem


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