July 12, 2012

Welcome Back G-Man! (Friday 55)

Welcome back!  I missed you, G-Man!
Looking well-rested with that nice tan

Been too long since I took the time
To make a fifty-five word rhyme

But your return gave me the notion
I didn’t want to miss all the commotion

Let’s hear it for my friend, Galen!
He’s still rocking!  (unlike Van Halen)


  1. yay!!!! so glad he's back and full of life!

  2. Yay for G-Man and his return to health and 55-ness! :)

  3. Awesome 55! It's so nice to have him back and get to play FF55 with so many great bloggy friends!

  4. And believe you me...It's GREAT to be alive!!
    Loved your 55 Eric.
    Thanks for your kind words and well wishes.
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  5. Ha! That is a convenient rhyme!

  6. stuff is great to have g-man back surely...

  7. Clever! It surely is good to be back catching up on all these 55's.

  8. I like the welcoming rhyming lines ~

    Happy day to you ~

  9. Yes, it's great to have him back. All is right with the blogosphere now.

  10. Nice one! It is good to have him back. Oh, and after your comment on my 55, it is from a real experience. I was visiting a very dear, old friend who I haven't seen in ages. Usually we just pick up where we left off, but this time we couldn't quite get past the 'small talk'. Thanks.

  11. Nice welcome back piece for the G-Man, Eric.


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