July 30, 2012

Cost of Living

The price of life goes up and up
A little more each day
I really wouldn’t mind too much
If, also, did my pay

But now the price of groceries
Looms large inside my head
And every month I seem to slip
A bit more in the red

I used to drive around a lot
From place to place I’d roam
But these days, with the price of gas
I mostly stay at home

I need to get a better job
Find a career that’s new
Or maybe I should not complain
But who cares if I do?

Perhaps it’s time to simplify
To rid myself of stuff
Appreciate the little things
But would they be enough?

They say the key to happiness
Lies not in what you’ve got
But then I’d have to find a place
For all this stuff I’ve bought

I’d give it all to charity
But I think they’d refuse
They have no use for my old junk
Nor for my worn out shoes

Maybe someday I’ll figure out
A way to happy days
But one thing that would surely help
Would be to get a raise!


  1. Being unemployed for over four years, losing our house, and becoming a renter makes you stop and evaluate what is the most important. We have rid the junk, I stay home most of the time, and I am doing what I love but not getting rich at it. More money would truly help get us through the tough times.

  2. More money would always be nice! Cutting back has been priority #1 for me, but there is definitely only so far you can cut. Yet, I figure having any job is better than some people's situation, so I better keep trying to cut and make it work with what I have. :)


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