July 31, 2012

A Nice Grilled Cheese

When I get hungry, I don’t want peas
I want to make a nice grilled cheese
No biscuits smeared with honey from bees
I need to make a nice grilled cheese
I may smell charcoal on the breeze
But I just want a nice grilled cheese
Though my dog is scratching at his fleas
A bath would wreck my nice grilled cheese
Don’t say we’re out of bread, you tease
I have to make a nice grilled cheese
Perhaps, if I was to say please
Would you make me a nice grilled cheese?
I’d ask so nice, on bended knees
Will you make me a nice grilled cheese?
If I should start to cough and wheeze
Go make me a nice grilled cheese
If I’m in bed with a deadly disease
My last wish is a nice grilled cheese



  1. Nothing spells comfort like a nice grilled cheese with a side of poetry if you please! :) Awesomesauce!

  2. woohoo! you rock eric...i have wanted a grilled cheese poem is major comfort food for me...ha...thank you sir

  3. You have grilled cheese nailed! I like to put mayo on the outsides of my sandwich before grilling. Mmmmm yummo!

  4. I make the best grilled cheese in the world. Just saying . . .

  5. That's it! I am making me a grill cheese sandwich.


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