June 1, 2012

My First Poetry Reading

Me reading two of my poems @ Westland Library on 5/31/12

The first poem is a haiku:

Dappled round ripples
Denote unseen fish play
Laughter on water

The second poem is titled
"Ode To A Wrecking Ball"

Some people decry letting old places die.
Cringing at the thought when bulldozers are brought
to knock down the walls of decrepit dance halls.

With their voices raised and eyes wet and glazed
they bemoan this 'great loss' like it's Jesus on the cross.
They simply cannot see that all stories are History.

Sentiment for old shelves is us trying to save ourselves
trying not to be forgotten when our children plant new cotton.
New buildings and new dreams replace those old, dry-rotted beams.

These vast empty shells where dust and ghosts dwell
do no good for the living and that's their misgiving.
Heart-felt, emotional pleas against hard financial realities.

Stuck in once-upon-a-time, aging starlet past her prime
once glorious and new, now forgotten like an old shoe.
Better to remember May and forget November.

Turn-of-the-century wonder will soon be torn asunder
as its Art Deco charm falls without much alarm.
Architecture is divine when the taxes are not mine.

Buildings aren't meant for the dead, but for those left in their stead
to use as long as they're needed, 'til the usefulness is exceeded.
Then best that they be replaced than just left there to go to waste.


  1. Congrats--you are so talented and even reading your own work which some artists are not good at. Very well done!

  2. Way to go! You read well!

  3. So cool to see the living, breathing, you! I felt like i knew you though. Isn' that odd? Like we've been hanging at the library for years.

  4. Very good, Eric! I liked listening to you read your poem as I read along in my head.

  5. Lovely words. I'm in Southwest MI. Nice to meet you!!

  6. You did so well, Eric. Way to go! Keep reading!

  7. Oh cool...congrats on being published, and you did a great reading.


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