June 8, 2012


Wrapped in the warmth of intelligent shawls
Protected by faith in your knowledge true

Sheltered from hurt inside brave fortress walls
Defensive words that cocoon about you

It’s a hardened armor that weighs you down
So all you can do is quiver with fear

Replacing past smiles with a sour frown
You lash out at anything that comes near

Your words become ammunition to stun
To use against you when push comes to shove

Your distance becomes a prison for one
Losing your freedom to live and to love


  1. true man....probably in the moments we need someone else the most we shove them away and hurt them....and find ourselves robbed of what we need most by ourselves....good one sir...

  2. Some people are very good at being their own worst enemy. This sounds as if it is so. How sad for them.

  3. Great characterization and well told.

  4. As Brian says, OUCH. Isolation is definitely a prison for one. I have been in that prison sometimes. Not a pleasant place to be. Your poem definitely resonates with me.

  5. gripping and so true. lashing out is easier than facing the pain.

  6. hard...there's such a big difference between solitude and isolation, isn't it... the one we seek, the other it's so hard to escape..well penned..

  7. Deep, Building walls is not a good way to live. but, you have retold this true story very well.

  8. Definitely a battle worth fighting... it's never good to push those you love away. I know a person like this and it's a sad situation.

  9. Not sure another could better clarify the truth: We build the walls that lock us in and others away.


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