May 21, 2012


We cannot erase history
Nor overlook its impact
In the way things went

But we can decide how much
We will allow it to continue
Influencing our present course

Yesterday was theirs, but today is ours
We cannot erase what has already passed
We can only choose how long to hang onto it

The Past is passed; let it go
The Present is now; let it show
The Future is coming; let it grow

The Present is the pivot-point
Between the Past and the Future

Mind your Present, the Here and Now
Let neither the Past nor the Future
Tip your scales; keep level and steady

The Past is your anchor; know its weight
It can keep you steady, or weigh you down

The Future is your map; chart it carefully
A world of possibilities is laid-out before you

The Present is your rudder; steer it
And Hope is your sail; unfurl it

Strive for accurate navigation
And keep an eye to the stars

Be mindful of changes in the weather
And be ready for those sudden storms

And, if and when you find you must,
Drop your sail and lower your anchor

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  1. This is almost like a different voice for you...impressive.


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