April 27, 2012

I Want To Live In Ray’s World

A land of eternal youth, where summers linger long
Last year’s dandelion wine sits in the cellar, fermenting
The everyday is transformed into the magical and fantastic
And the clock tower chimes over the little drowsing town

Lurking nearby, a deep dark gulley of thick greenness
Where even July’s bright daylight does not fully penetrate
My imagination burns with specters, beasts and killers
That ooze out when wicked October winds are blowing cold

A man in the whitest of suits drives the electric trolley car
Gives free rides to those children wise beyond their years
Everyone and everything is more that what appears to be
As I go gliding happily up and down on Bradbury Lane

1 comment:

  1. Really well done. Makes me want to go read him again.


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