April 19, 2012

Free-Flowing Gibberish

Constitutional division, extended derision
Confusing the picture, ridiculing the rector
A half-a-span, tossed in the can, that’s the plan
Eight and twenty, two-by-four
Shadows at the kitchen door
Arbitrary impact felt, subliminal influence dealt
A way, away, let’s start today
No meaning to the things I say
Sing-song rhyming, a form of madness
Yet it lends me such delightful gladness
I hit, I punch, but who knows why?
I think, for lunch, I’ll have some pie!
Axels spinning, losing, winning
Mish and mash
Smash, dash, clash
Stop this spinning wheel, I wanna get off!

1 comment:

  1. I want to get off two. I'm dizzy. I like this..


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