April 23, 2012

At Service

Awaiting Calvary’s cavalry
I sat in a Catholic church
To make the waiting longer
The bishop was lost in a lurch

The choir sang a couple of hymns
To help us pass the time
I sat there, mute and unfamiliar
With the melody and rhyme

I was, however, familiar
With all the ups and downs
With all the genuflecting done
For those in priestly gowns

I’d witnessed the loud chanting
Their call-outs and replies
All their rites and rituals
To me was no surprise

I tend to look right down my nose
At such religious views
And think my way is superior
To those kneeling in the pews

But there was one moment
Where I felt my heart swayed
By a man kneeling next to me
As he devoutly prayed

I heard his old voice singing
So softly, yet so clear
His faith shining so purely
It nearly brought a tear

If one should chose a guiding light
To steer their life’s path by
From darkness to a place so bright
Why should I question why?


  1. Ours is not to reason why. The Catholic church is a ritualistic place to me....not in the comforting sense of the word. I've never cared much for religion, but I care much for Christ. or out of religious structure, is always moving.


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