February 23, 2012

Women Of Substance

Some men pine for thin beauties
Some men want catwalk queens
I like women of substance
Who don’t like causing scenes

Guys too often overlook
Women that don’t go strutting
Ones who aren’t attention-starved
And want all men a-rutting

I prefer women demure
I like the mood more subtle
Women confident, mature
Are ones I want to cuddle

A waif-like, waltzing woman
Her shoulder bones protruding
Looks so disinterested
Her face scowled-down and brooding

Where’s the twinkle in her eye?
Give me a ready smile
Soft and curvy sexiness
Gives cause to pause awhile

A woman should have soft hips
To notice when you meet her
A woman should have full lips
It makes her kisses sweeter

In the bed, when lights are low
And hands begin to wander
Finding her eagerness there
Will only make me fonder

I don’t like pointy elbows
That poke me while I’m sleeping
I’d rather have some cushion
When morning birds are cheeping

Put some meat upon those bones
Enjoy some down-home cooking
Women who can strut their stuff
To me are so good looking

Don’t despair, you sweet ladies
Over a weight that’s higher
I promise there are still men
Who see you with desire

So don’t starve yourselves trying
To meet some skewed ideal
Eat good food and exercise
And love your curve appeal


  1. Very very nice and heartfelt. I wish someone would tell Playboy and Victoria's Secret that men want to see more flesh--and I don't mean just naked.

  2. A great, GREAT poem. I wish more women could believe this. I hate trying to convince someone who is size 2 that she is not "almost the same size" as me. (I'm a 14 and proud of it.)


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