February 28, 2012

Say It Plain

When trying to explain
I must often refrain
From feeling so sure
Of words too obscure

Sometimes I will choose
Just the right word to use
One that fits to a tee
And will help people see

But never to impress
Though I must confess
I sometimes grow weak
For the words I could speak

I would love to flourish
A nice old word like “boorish”
Or inject a sharp “wrack”
Where a line gets off track

A “cantankerous rancor”
Would make my poor heart soar
“Viscous analogies” tossed
But then, what’s the cost?

A supercilious phrase
Can put folks in a daze
Their eyes start to glaze
My thoughts lost in the haze

So, though it’s a pain
To see the words feign
There is much to gain
When I just say it plain


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