February 13, 2012

Morning Rite

Slumbering, lumbering
Moaning and groaning
Bed creaks, bones creak
Turning on hot water
Hissing and dripping
Washes over me
Pelting me, melting me
Unstiffening joints through
Loosening muscles too
Lather, rinse, repeat
Exit almost human again
Dry body brush hair
Brush teeth wet spit
Pop deodorant top
Dressing piece by piece
Belt socks shoes watch
Pour hot brown-black in cup
Slowly come back to life


  1. Yep, sounds familiar!! Have a good day -- now that you're awake -- you are awake, aren't you??


  2. Add the dripping nose and you have said exactly how I feel every morning.

  3. I'll make a confession.I lather and rinse...but I don't always repeat! (Forgive me Father...)


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