January 16, 2012

Back To Tony Packo’s

Yesterday my wife and I, on a quest to buy a new HD camcorder, found ourselves headed to Toledo when all nearby Best buy stores in Michigan were out of stock.  Luckily, it was also a perfect excuse to go back to Tony Packo’s Café for lunch.

(You can read my post about our first trip HERE)

We drove down I-75 to Toledo, then took I-280 across the Veteran' Glass City Skyway, commonly referred to as the Toledo Skyway Bridge.

We took exit 9 and, after a couple of turns, were at the restaurant, located at the corner of Front and Consaul (a.k.a. “Nancy Packo’s Way).

Inside they have hundreds of autographed ‘buns’ (actually rubber, not bread) from various celebrities…

This time, instead of their famous franks, I decided to try the stuffed cabbage combo with a Hungarian hamburg (like a hambuger-sized meatloaf) and some Dumplings Paprikas on the side.  Like before, I found the food to be delicious, spicy and hearty.  Also, much to my delight, Ohio now sells Yuengling beer, so I had a nice glass of draft - a perfect compliment to their wonderful food.

We got to speak with the manager, Kevin, who had let us come in early our first visit.  I’d worn my Tony Packo’s t-shirt, which was appreciated by quite a few people there.  After eating we visited the gift shop and picked up a few goodies.

Once again we were impressed not only with the excellent food, but with the friendliness of the staff at Tony Packo’s.  We felt like friends instead of customers.  That sort of thing is far too rare these days.

We look forward to our next visit.  If you haven't been there, GO!

P.S.  To our friend, Irving - 
We may not have seen you this trip, but we haven’t forgotten you!

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  1. Oh, I know you're taunting me! Your last trip there had me wanting to go to Sonic just to get a dog.


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