December 1, 2011

Different Drummer

Seems I was born years too late
Out-of-step with the current date

It’s hard to explain how I feel
Why modern gadgets lack appeal

I like stuff basic, not too complex
Simple things, not ‘What-the-heck?’s

Books with pages, not with screens
Flannel shirts and old blue jeans

Telephones that stay at home
Not going everywhere we roam

Going outside for fresh air
And just taking pictures there

Smelling flowers, drinking tea
Senses don’t work virtually

Hearing music played out loud
While amidst the swaying crowd

Conversations with a friend
Face-to-face, not hitting “send”

This constant contact without rest
Texting, Tweeting, Friend Request

Can’t replace a simple kiss
Or other joys in life I’d miss

Call it Karma or call it Fate
I was just born much too late


  1. I always felt that way, especially because I had a crush on Elvis when he was an older man because I kept seeing his old movies from the 50s. Haha. Great vibe. Loved this piece!

  2. Heh heh. I kinda wish we still had a phone connected to the wall. It would never get lost. Some technology makes our lives simpler. Some absolutely do not! It's such a fine line to walk, but I hear ya!


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