November 17, 2011

Seventy Years

Seventy years
Sounds like a long time
So far to go
Many hills to climb

I’ve just started
Barely out the gate
Moving too slow
I’m already late

Seventy years
Doesn’t seem so long
What I do right
Beats what I do wrong

I remember
On this special day
How to live life
You showed me the way

This is dedicated to my late mother, who would have turned 71 today.  I miss you, mom.


  1. I love it! It will be seven years next month since I lost my Dad. I miss him.

  2. Bubba, this is so lovely and so touching, especially your message to your Mom at the end. Beautiful and poignant. It all goes by way too fast - enjoy every day!

  3. I knew this wasn't about you. Your avatar photo is too young.

    It's hard to lose your mother. I miss mine almost every day and she's been gone since 1997.

    71 doesn't sound so old to me now as it would have a few yrs back. Happy Birthday to your mamma.

  4. Nice tribute, lost my mom a few years ago in a house fire, it's never easy no matter how they pass or how long it's been. My condolences.


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