November 15, 2011

Opening Day Thoughts

November 15th.  Another Opening Day for Michigan's Firearms Deer Season.  Once again I won't be out in the woods with my gun, waiting for a buck to come along.  It's not the first Opening Day I've missed, and it won't be the last.  Circumstances change.  Being out there for the opener is no longer the priority that it once was for me.

The woods have grown colder over the years, in more ways than one, and I find myself preferring to stay warm over hunting.  I sometimes lament days gone by, when I so enjoyed hunting season and the camaraderie that came with it.  I still enjoy camaraderie, but it's of a different sort these days.

My viewpoint on life is different than it used to be; I see my place in the grand scheme of things much clearer than before.  I still enjoy Nature's wonders frequently, but these days I do it more with a camera than a gun.  Not that I'm opposed to hunting at all, it's just that I don't find the same reward in it anymore.  But I still wish good luck and safe hunting to all those who make their way out to the woods this Opening Day.


  1. I'm glad that you don't hunt. Why men think it's recreating to go into the woods and shoot at beautiful animals is rather disturbing. I wish they'd just go park some tents and get drunk by a bonfire and tell stupid jokes if they must be men. Perhaps the tradition should be changed with ziplining or some daredevil thing instead?

  2. we all grow and change sometimes for the better...i am glad you see your place in the grand scheme and then can make a conscious choice...

  3. Good friend of mine went off elk hunting a few weeks ago and came back lamenting it was his last. At some point you come of age to realize carrying a firearm isn't a prerequisite for communing with nature.

  4. I'm too damn old to get that cold!

  5. I have brothers and nephews that get their elk every year and put food on the table and I admire their skill and prowess.
    Meanwhile I'll just hunt my prey with a camera.

  6. Our season in Wisconsin starts this weekend. I know it's a necessary thing, etc, etc, etc, but it makes me sad. I live with hunters, but I don't eat meat. I'm glad they do eat the animals they have killed though, so it's not just for sport. It's nice to see your pictures, results of the method of shooting you now do. Cheers.


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