October 29, 2011

"THINK" by Dr. Robert Anthony

(Bits of wit and wisdom collected by Dr. Robert Anthony)
You can only have two things
in life, Reasons or Results.
Reasons don’t count.

If you are constantly being
mistreated, you’re cooperating
with the treatment.

You don’t have to be positive,
you just have to be yourself.

Trying provides two excuses,
an excuse for not Doing.
and an excuse for not Having.

You cannot control without
being controlled.

The angry people are those who
are most afraid.

There is no way to know before

What you said is exactly what
you intended to say.

Some people are willing to work,
only if they can start at the
top and work up.

The thing we run from
is the thing we run to.

Consciously or unconsciously,
you always get what you expect.

Others can stop you temporarily,
only you can do it permanently.

Whatever you are
trying to avoid won’t
go away until you
confront it.

Most of our lives are about proving
something, either to ourselves
or to someone else.

If you don’t start,
it’s certain you won’t arrive.

What you can’t communicate runs
your life.

If you don’t have
what you want,
you are not committed to it 100%.

Your enemy might become your
friend, if you allow him
to be who he is.

If you worry about what might be,
and wonder what might have been,
you will ignore what is.

Before you can break out of
prison, you must first realize
you’re locked up.

When you blame others,
you give up your power to change.

Whatever you are willing to
put up with, is exactly what you
will have.

If you acknowledge you are
unconscious, you are no longer

Divorces are final long before
they go to court.

Your interpretation
of what you see and hear, is
just that, your interpretation.

If you find a good solution
and become attached to it,
the solution may become your
next problem.

Criticize the performance,
not the performer.

What works for you
may not work for someone else.
So what makes you thing your way
is so much better?

When you really take a good look
at your life, Success is all you’ve
ever had.

If you are not rich,
notice how you make yourself poor.

You are the cause of
everything that happens to you.
Be careful what you cause.

There is no right or wrong,
only consequences.

The one who loves the least
controls the relationship.

If you require someone to
change, you require that person
to lie to you.

If you don’t like the direction the
river is flowing, don’t jump in.

We fear the thing we want the most.

Feelings of inferiority and
superiority are the same.  They
both come from fear.

After all is said and done,
much is said and little is done.

The biggest risk in life
is not risking.

What we Are is God’s gift
to us.  What we Become
is our gift to God

Excuses are your lack of faith
in your own power.

Things are not what they seem,
they are what the are.

You can get everything in
life you want, if you will help
enough other people get
what they want.

If you don’t like the games
people play, make up your
own games.

There are many things I want,
but few things I need.

If you prepare for old age,
old age comes sooner.

If you have a college degree
you can be absolutely sure of
one thing… you have a
college degree.

There is brutality and there is
honesty.  There is no such thing
as brutal honesty.

If you are going to give a gift,
notice your true intentions.

There are no victims,
only volunteers.

If you are not leaning,
no one will ever let you down.

People concern themselves with
being normal, rather than natural.

Ultimately you have no choice
but to feel what you are feeling.

If you have made yourself
important, notice you’re
not important.

Worry comes from the belief
you are powerless.

Your ability to relax is in
direct proportion to your ability
to trust life.

Any system that takes
responsibility away from
people, dehumanizes them.

Whatever you want, wants you.

Most of the time we don’t
communicate, we just take
turns talking.

If you are afraid to lose anything
you have, at some point in
your life you will lose it.

If you have to be happy
you will always be unhappy.

The way to win is to make it okay
to lose.

What you are afraid to do
is a clear indication of the next
thing you need to do.

If you stick your head in the sand,
one thing is for sure, you’ll
get your rear kicked.

If you are honest
because honesty is the best policy,
then your honesty is corrupt.

Maturity consists of no longer
being taken in by one’s self.

Once you realize
you have given your power away,
you can make the decision
to take it back.

Less effort creates more results.

If you have a constant need to help
other people, notice how you much
keep them helpless.

Life always keeps its agreement
with you.

There are none so righteous
as the newly converted.

Hoping and Wishing are excuses
for not Doing.

He who laughs, lasts.

If your life isn’t working the way
you want it to, notice you’re lying.

You are the only teacher you will
ever have.

If you don’t know what direction
to take, you haven’t acknowledged
where you are.

Once you accept an idea
it’s an idea whose time has come.


  1. Was that the book of Proverbs?

    You don’t have to be positive,
    you just have to be yourself.

    Thank you Eric. Thank you, thank you!


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